Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Women...

The relationships that women have with each other are so important...almost vital to my existence. And I have a rocky road with women in my life. From girls that were bullies at a very young age to women that were bullies at a much older age...yes, I have had my fair share of bitches in my life. But you learn from them if you are open to learning.

So, last night I met a group of friends for dinner and drinks at Oporto. We were a very eclectic group. There's Ellen...I met her when I was researching the burb I've been looking in. She is single, no kids, lives in the burbs...and funny as hell. Then there's Sarah...the married, two kids, drop dead gorgeous blonde bombshell with a wicked sense of humor and a love of politics. And Josette...she's divorced, no kids, hilarious, honest, caring and super successful. Ellen's friend Jennifer came to and she is single, no kids, non-practicing attorney who just moved to Shanghai to teach the LSAT, extremely articulate! And of course, there is my Carolyn. Carolyn is divorced and the mother of my future son-in-law, my closest friend, the first completely non-judgemental, supportive, unbiased, and funniest woman I have ever met. My partner in crime. My other "other."

So, we laughed, we drank Argentinis (martini made with citrus, Malbec and a Vodka made from Malbec grapes), ate olives, risotto balls, crab crostini, curry chicken empanadas, goat cheese pizza (I passed...ixnay on the goat cheese). We drank lots of wine too. We talked about relationships, about work, about current was all grown up, intellectually stimulating conversation. And fun, fun, fun. And it is exactly what I needed at this time.

These relationships, with women of this stature, are as necessary to me as working out and eating healthy. The whole idea of a night with girls is therapeutic. From waking up excited to see friends and unwind, to getting all dolled up to go to the newest, trendiest, fun bar in the city, to the actual night itself. It's all just...needed. And even though I am a little party-lagged this morning...I feel refreshed. I feel a little stronger every day. My legs do not wobble as much. My head is clearer. My posture is getting straighter and my chin is getting higher up. And I just feel pretty damn good.

On a side note...if you read the blog...become a follower! I have no clue who reads this! I have been getting random emails from people that I didn't even know had seen it!!! I'd love to have you follow it!! Enjoy the rest of your day!!


  1. Woo hoo for a Grown Up Girls Night Out!!! Or should I say Woo to the Hoo for Wonderful Women in your life!!!

  2. me some quality time with quality girls :) Glad you had's good for the soul!

  3. Yippee for GNO! And I, of course, am a follower!!!! LOL...and a stalker!!!!

  4. Reyna, love you stalking me it!!! LOL! Thanks ladies...was a great night!