Thursday, September 9, 2010


I hate ketones. Hate them. This past day has been crazy. Lily was 146 at dinner last night. She didn't want to finish it all so I tried to make up for it with a scoop of ice cream. She was 308 at bed time. I checked at 10:30, still in the 300's so I gave .2 units and went to bed. At 2 AM, still in the 300's, no ketones, gave another .2 and went to bed. This morning? 328 with 1.4 ketones. Gave her insulin and waited an hour. She was then 350 with 1.8 ketones. UGH! Damn Omnipod. I changed her Pod, gave her a shot, fed her breakfast and moved on.

I had some work to do so when she asked me for a yogurt for snack, I obliged assuming she would bolus herself as usual. Well, I am home with both girls and all three of us have a little cold. I guess we were both forgetful and she ate a 13 gram yogurt with no bolus. Great. So, I checked her about 30 minutes later and got the lovely HIGH reading. No ketones. At least the Pod is working now. She is now 425 and it's been 1.5 hours so who knows how high she was.

Days like this are annoying and hard to read. I'm sure the insulin will stack and she will drop low later. The whole day is screwed up. I guess you just hop on and ride the roller coaster out since there is no other alternative. It is part of the process with this disease. At least today I can pinpoint what the problem is: a mommy with too much on her mind!! We do the best we can in any given situation! I'll cut myself some slack these days! Moving on!

Friday, September 3, 2010

The numbers...

I am shocked that Lily's numbers have not faltered through this separation/divorce. It baffles me. The child can have a tantrum and shoot all the way up to 400, quickly. Her mom and dad shake her whole world? Perfect numbers. Hmmm...I wonder if that is a sign of how stressed she was prior to this?

I watch her and pray that she doesn't think any of this has to do with her diabetes because it doesn't. Our problems started pre-marriage and just went from there. It is not about her. Or Abby. They are the best things in this world and the reason that Eric and I were meant to be together for the time we were! Diabetes adds stress to a marriage for sure but it certainly didn't cause the demise in mine!

The other part that has been somewhat tricky is figuring out how we are going to care for her separately. We have been working on a system with her logs and supplies that seems to be working so far. I am confident that everything will work out as it supposed to be. It has to for the girls.

We are off this weekend to the beach as a family...all four of us. We are going to a friend's beach house to relax, have fun, and enjoy a much-needed break. We promised the girls we are still a family and that's just not changing. So, I am looking forward to spending time all together! Happy Labor Day!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dex is alive...

Dex is alive. It has survived the second drowning. I have not yet put it back on Lily though. The thing is, she keeps getting a horrible rash from it. I am beginning to wonder if Dex is doomed and I am not reading the signs??

First, Dex goes for a swim with Lily during her practice. Second, I drown Dex in the gentle cycle. Dex revives. Lily hates Dex and we go to therapy, we go to conferences, we go everywhere that will convince her Dex is good. Then, I drown Dex again. Dex takes a week hanging out in rice but is working. The whole time, Dex is causing a major skin reaction on her tushie. What am I to do with this damned Dex?

Now that I am here alone at night with her I really want Dex back. Maybe if I try a new spot she won't have a reaction. Lily still wears a pull up at night because when she goes high, she pees. It doesn't wake her even after she goes. So, I am wondering if Dex and urine are not mixing well and thus, the rash on the skin.

Never a dull moment in this world of diabetes.