Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Decisions...

What to do...what to do...

My house is on the market. My cute, cozy, little house that has been my home for the last 9 years. I have never lived anywhere for 9 years in my life. Ever. My dad was military and we moved around. After he retired, we lived in two houses outside of DC and prior to Houston, that was the longest I ever lived anywhere. So, I am feeling a bit sad about leaving my little abode. There are so many memories there with the girls! When I was pregnant with Lily, Eric painted a mural on her wall that is still there. She has slept in that room her whole life. When I was pregnant with Abby, we remodeled the house and added an upstairs so the girls would have a playroom. It has all of the arches that I love in older homes, etc. Most of all though, it is the FIRST place I have ever lived that I felt safe. My whole life has been one of fear when the lights are out. If no one was home, I was a wreck. I lived alone for many years and just didn't sleep much. I literally slept with one eye open. For some reason, in this house, I feel totally comfortable. I sleep peacefully every night without a fear that anyone in the surrounding area is planning to kill me.

The neighborhood I live in is extremely safe. It is in the center of Houston so the location makes it very desirable. We moved in during a time when it was very affordable, thankfully. I have been spoiled because of it though. Now that I have to sell the house because of the divorce, I am having to look elsewhere. I can't afford to stay in that part of town. So, I am having a dilemma and I am having a hard time deciding what to do!

First choice is to stay closer in town and move to a neighborhood outside the loop. It's a decent neighborhood. The houses are ranch style, around 2000 sf. The schools are horrible so I am feeling very blessed that the girls are already in private. The crime is about double what it is where I currently live and my ex said, "Yeah, you'll be safe but I wouldn't walk around at night." Hmmm. Not feeling so safe...being single with two little girls is a scary thing. Especially when you live in a city of 5 million people. Houston is not the "leave your doors unlocked while you sleep" kind of place. Not if you value your belongings...or your life. :) I may be exaggerating a bit but you get the idea.

My second choice is move to the burbs. It's a 15-20 minute drive. This is my top choice but not the choice anyone else wants me to make. It would be much more convenient for family and friends to have me around the corner. It would be more convenient for me. BUT...for less money, I can get a 2600 sf house that is fairly new and feel 100% safe. The burb I am looking at has pathways all over for bike riding, walking, etc. The pools are like huge water playgrounds. There is a golf course and an overall community feel. I did research and found several divorcees that live there. One, I have become good friends with already. So, I think I would have a support system "out there."

These are the types of decisions I seriously suck at making. It seems so FINAL buying a house. This is also the first house I am buying on my own so that's a bit scary! Also, throw DIABETES into the mix and things get even hairier. How far am I from the hospital? What if I need help in the middle of the night from family? I just don't think 15-20 minutes is an eternity given the traffic inside the loop in Houston anyway but that's just me.

Decisions...decisions...decisions. For now, I am deciding that I am going to crack open a bottle of pinot grigio tonight and decompress. THAT sounds way better than any more life changes.


  1. Of course we're all being selfish by wanting you to stay close! Ultimately you have to make the choice and if you do move to the burbs...I would like to be the first one invited to the fancy neighborhood pool!

  2. Yeah, exaggerating a bit I think considering I actually LIVE in the neighborhood. The schools aren't "horrible", they just aren't the fancy private schools we are fortunate to have our kids go to. They are actually very high ranked magnet programs and there are over a dozen prestigious private church schools. And the crime is not bad--there was someone murdered 4 miles from your current house less than two months ago...just saying. I've never felt safer in my life in my little hood...but with all that said I think you should move to the burbs.

  3. Actually, the person was murdered less than a mile from my front door. At a gas station. And, I never said there was NO crime where I live. I said there is double the crime in the other area. That's a fact. Westbury high school is NOT good. At all. The elementary that the neighborhood I can afford is Recognized and not Exemplary. I said it's a "decent" neighborhood, which it is. If I could afford to live in the nicer part of said neighborhood, I gladly would but I can't.