Thursday, January 13, 2011


So, I am in a mood. And not a good one. I wanted to update on Lily's appointment though and I never had a chance at work since I was busy today! Yay for being super busy!!! The UT Physicians Type 1 Diabetes Center is finally moving along and I am so proud of the work we are going to do!

Anyway, Lily's A1C did not go up or down, still at 8.1. It is higher than we'd like since she has held steady at around 7.3ish for a few years. you all's been a rocky few months and with the change to MDI, I'm okay with that number. We made some I:C ration adjustments and hopefully, things will get better. Our doc said her emotional health is just as important as her diabetes health so just go with the flow at this time.


  1. Abso-stinkin-lutely...on the "emotional" health. I think all too frequently the psycho-social ramifications of living type 1 daily are over-looked by so many. Great job and you know where you are at so you can tweak and make changes to spank that bad boy down. (((HUGS)))

  2. I agree a healthy child physically goes along with a healthy state of mind. It may take some adjusting and time but youll get it down!

    And even still at that age our endo says its just fine! (((hugs)))

  3. Hey Kimberly, Just catching back up on on the blog since you changed to shots, I hope things are a little better. You know, from what I'm reading, which I'm sure doesn't come close to everything you're going through I'm sure!, but it seems like your Diabetes Team is asking you to manage MDI like a Pump. It sounds like it's not going super great?

    When I'm on shots, I have to look at it a lot more like they used to treat diabetes 10 years ago to make shots "doable".

    Lily will give up some of her flexibility in going to shots, but thats a trade off for not having that awful pump site... you can't eat 30g of carb this meal and 77g the next and stay sane on shots, I think.

    With shots, you may find a "carbohydrate consistent diet" (there's the dietitian in me speaking) more manageable. This means, for instance, that Lily would eat 40g of carb for breakfast every day, 30g for lunch, and 40g for dinner, or WHATEVER... go with some average close to were you are now for what she eats at these meals, I know you've got that info handy ;)

    Then... all you do is take the same shot each meal... so she takes her Lantus (I prefer to take it at night, seems to work better this way with a bed time snack... and the morning is such a hectic time). Then she would ALWAYS take 5u (example again) for breakfast, 4u for lunch, and 4u for dinner. the ONLY math you would have to do was a correction factor at each meal bolus or 2h after meals.

    I'm sure you're familiar with all of this, but treating shots like a pump would make them miserable I imagine :) Best, Jenn

  4. Hey Jenn! Things are going okay. Not perfect for sure but okay! We are sort of managing it like a pump. She doesn't have the same correction throughout the day. Lily doesn't mind the shots at all though! So, that hasn't been an issue!

  5. So glad to hear that, thinking of you and your little ones, Jenn.