Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Crystal...

This is a reminder for myself...

When someone gives you their love, it is the most special gift that can be given. It should be treated like an intricate and fragile crystal. It should be handled with care. It should be put in the most special place you have, protected from any hurt, and safe from any disaster. It should be in a place where you can admire it's beauty every day that you open your eyes and every night that you close them...kept there as a reminder of why it is so special and how it makes you feel to hold the most beautiful gift that this person has given you. It is not something you contemplate altering or destroying. It is invaluable and priceless. It is love...it is the most important, selfless, beautiful thing that any person can give to another. This includes children, family, friends, and significant others.

So, if you have offered someone this very special gift...and they have treated it as if it is a useless, meaningless prize..they are not worthy of your crystal. They cannot handle it with the care that it entails. They will tarnish it and scratch it and not keep it in the fragile yet secure state it should remain in. So, kindly leave that small part of it with them and save the rest for someone who will admire it...and love it back.

Never forget what you have and what you are giving to someone. Never look someone in the eye and hurt them. Especially children. They hold scars for much longer than we do. Most of our adult scars are wounds from our childhood.

This is what keeps me going through today.

And on a MUCH more important side note...we are asking for prayers here in Houston! Meredith Kelly is undergoing a kidney/pancreas transplant as we speak! Her mother, Judy, is a diabetes advocate and the mother of two type 1 children. Meredith is a wife and mother herself and has been patiently waiting for a donor. She went into surgery a few hours ago so please say a prayer for her, her family, the family of her kidney donor, and the family that lost their loved one who was kind enough to leave a working pancreas behind.

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  1. I am very sorry that I hurt you and made a bad decision. I would love nothing more than to have that Crystal back in my hand again.