Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Banging the Head...

I would have seriously banged my head against the wall this morning if I wasn't so damned tired to do so. I hate shots. With a passion. A strong passion. Actually, I hate diabetes today...I will just go ahead and say that out loud. I FLIPPING HATE IT.

So, here's the run down of  the last 12 hours:

6:00 PM: BS 133, give .5 units Novolog for 10 grams corn on the cob (she eats the whole thing, should've been 17...pump would have been nice at this point)

7:30 PM: BS 287, put her in bed afraid to give her more at bedtime in case she drops

11:00 PM: BS 385, give 1 unit Novolog, no ketones

1:30 AM: BS 140, do nothing but go back to bed paranoid that she's dropping so quickly (wishing I had the pump to do a temp basal)

3:30 AM: BS 110, ditto from above yet can't sleep because I'm convinced she is going to go too low and have her first seizure. Yet don't want to treat so she doesn't jump back up to the high 300's.

5:00 AM: BS 190. Praying that someone breaks in and shoots me just so I can sleep.

6:00 AM: Alarm goes off...hit snooze and wake up after 7...flying out of bed since we are now late.

7:30 AM: BS 201, correct and dose for breakfast.

7:32 AM: Have nervous breakdown upon realizing that today is the first day back at school and someone (ME) forgot to tell them she is now on shots. Lovely.

8:15 AM: Drive to school like a bat out of hell and disrupt entire first grade class to drag teacher/nurse out to train them. Get multiple hugs from said teacher/nurse telling me I need a day off. Wow, just had a whole weekend off...must look a wreck.

9:05 AM: Sit down at work with coffee and look for toothpicks to hold eyelids open...

Just another fun, fun, fun day!! Oh...and to top it all off...looks like I am not going to get to buy the house I had found and wanted that wasn't in the burbs. AND...ticked the boyfriend off...AGAIN. Good thing I have a positive attitude and just KNOW today is going to get better. I am seriously looking forward to another round of Jengha with the girls tonight accompanied by a glass of wine and homemade tortilla soup...followed up with multiple hugs and kisses from the babies.


  1. OMG...and I thought my night was bad. I am so tired today. My other child, Bridget, is home sick. Joe's numbers are a little wonky but not too bad and luckily I have the pump. Hang in there. Sounds like the school is pretty great...and bummer on the ol' BF tick off.

  2. Sooooooo tired. The school is amazing. Truly, truly, truly amazing. And the bf is patient...I have no clue how to date anymore. It's been 12 friggin years.

  3. YAWN!! I feel your pain, SISTA!

    Hope tonight is better and the rest of life works itself out. Tomorrow is a new day.