Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today is our quarterly appointment with our endo. Yay! and Boo! I love today so that I can fire off tons of questions that have been building up...I hate today because we find out if her A1C went up or down. I am not usually too worried about this except that we had a major change between visits by going from pump to MDI. Her numbers have been awesome this week but prior to this week they have been all over the place with no rhyme or reason.

Lily also has a dentist appointment to fill a cavity tomorrow. Her 2nd. I got my first and only cavity at 36 years old. My ex has great teeth. Abby has great teeth. None of us are drinking chocolate milk or juice at 3 AM without brushing afterwards though. So, I guess we chalk that up to the big D.

Lily also has an appointment scheduled with a dermatologist to find out if her arms will EVER heal from the pump sites. It looks eerily like eczema. But do you get eczema from adhesives? Is she having a skin reaction from alcohol? From the constant flow of insulin? Hmmm...

I have also scheduled an appointment with Dr. Peter Chase (THE diabetes guru, THE man who wrote the Pink Panther books we all love, THE principal investigator on the Artificial Pancreas Project, THE lead research dude for TrialNet, the father of a type 1, etc...) Can you tell I am totally excited? I met him when I went to the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes for work. I immediately asked him if he'd see Lily since they aren't accepting any out of town patients anymore (they are in Denver). He agreed and I just finished setting it up for March so I will certainly let everyone know how that turns out! We are seeing him, the CDE, a Social Worker and a Nutritionist. I wanted to experience all they had to offer. I spent an almost 8 hour day picking the brains of the folks behind the Barbara Davis Center and now I want them to look at my daughter and give me their opinions. My job here in Houston is to get our UT Physicians Type 1 Diabetes Center up and running and who else better to learn from than the best? A special thanks to the ex-in-laws for giving us the amazing gift!

So, exciting things are coming our way in the D world. Hopefully, we will get as many kinks worked out as we can. The only thing I feel is controllable about diabetes is the food you put in your mouth and the knowledge you choose to acquire.

Back to work!


  1. AND OUR ATTITUDES!!! You definitely put me in a more positive space many times after reading your posts. Thanks Kim.


    Good luck today!

  2. Thats so exciting!!! And whatver the number you rock mama!