Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween...

I'm not sure if my kids get more excited about the costume, the Trick or Treating, or the Halloween Good Witch that stops by our house (much like Santa) to collect candy and leave a toy! Both girls have been very busy telling me what to tell the witch to leave for them. Having little children, this was the best I could come up with for this candy-fueled holiday.

When I was little, I remember going house to house in home made costumes and using my pillow case as a bag to fill with candy. We would come home, my dad would check to make sure all wrappers were in tact, and then we would dive into the mounds of candy! There was no limit on how much we ate so we ate...A LOT. TONS. I remember going to bed every year praying that I would NEVER see another piece of candy again...until the next Halloween.

Oh, how times have changed! I can honestly say that even if Lily was not diabetic, I still wouldn't let my kids go ballistic on the candy. It's just not good for them, at all. So, every year, the girls each pick two pieces of candy to eat that night and one for the next day. We then put all of the candy on the fireplace mantle for the good witch to come take. She leaves a toy in it's place. Something really good too...she has great taste in toys. It has to be something that makes up for the loss of candy. We never discuss the diabetes on Halloween because it is not a factor in Lily's eyes. She doesn't get to eat the mounds of candy because it is not good for her body to overindulge in anything. We do everything in moderation.

I have really enjoyed reading everyone's blogs to see how Halloween is handled. Now, if only I could control the treats, cupcakes, candy, etc. that is given to her at school for this dreaded holiday. Playdough, stickers, pencils, balls...anyone?? Not every little gift needs to be in the form of sugar. Seriously.

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