Friday, December 10, 2010

A little Peek...

Lily started playing basketball. She wanted to play football but I dropped the ball and we missed the registration so she is now a Laker. And it's pretty damn cute. She made tons of baskets at practice last night and even did a few little victory dances after!

I checked her BG when we got there and she was 288. I figured she'd be a bit high since I let her have her very first candy bar (Twix). See earlier post about my latest eating habits and I blame Matt for this craving since he was eating one while we were talking yesterday.

Anyway, she had an hour long practice and boy, did she practice. She was all over the place and didn't stop moving for pretty much 60 minutes. I checked her afterwards and she was 133. Exercise does both a body good...and BG.

We went home, I made dinner (shrimp and pasta), and she ate every bite. At bed time, she was 99. I gave her a 1/4 cup of chocolate milk (6 grams) just to bring her up a bit. At 10:30 I checked again, as I always do before I crawl into bed. She was 83. WTH? So, I can only assume she was still dropping from the earlier exercise.

I woke her up...or sat her up I should say...and gave her a 20 gram Vanilla Milk. She swayed back and forth while sipping and kept trying to lie back down. I was holding her up and trying to follow her mouth and listen for swallows. She finished the milk and crashed.

At 2 AM, she was 289. Lovely. I chose not to give her insulin since we had the lower numbers earlier. She woke up at 6:30 with a BG of 177. A little high but could have been worse.

So, this was just a little peek into a "normal" sports practice for a little type 1. When I really sit down and think about it, I also don't remember much about life before D. I don't remember the feeling of just taking my daughter to a practice of anything and not running numbers in my head. So strange. On the positive side though, this has become second nature to me so even though mentally, I get drained, it's not too bad. I say that because going through all of these motions for Lily is what keeps her with me...


  1. I know...I cannot imagine sports and activity without "d" in the mix. We are number crunching machines. I decrease basals for hours and still have to feed sugar during hockey practice. UGH.

    Good for her and her go-getter spirit!

  2. It is crazy...I don't remember doing many things without running numbers through my head either! My daughter always runs high after exercise. But I am always expecting her to go I second guess myself when bolusing or "carbing" afterwards!

  3. It's all a big numbers thing, isn't it? Sometimes I feel like a dog chasing my damn tail!