Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm colder than normal...

I sit in my office every day freezing to death. Literally. My hands get so cold that I can hardly bend my fingers. It is getting colder outside finally here in H-Town but it is at least 10 degrees colder at my desk. I'm sure the building maintenance is tired of the phone calls. I am cold a lot but not as cold as I have been lately. I think this is because I am lacking in the fat area as of late.

I knew I had lost some weight in the last few months, which is expected I'm sure. I have done nothing but eat the past few weeks...and eat a lot of sweets, A LOT. I am going to become Fatty McFattykins for sure pretty soon if I don't snap out of this craziness. SO, I went to a diabetes playdate last night with some friends. We met up with some other D moms who all have little girls around the same age and we went bowling. When I walked in, a good friend of mine said, "Your face looks really thin. Wow, you are looking really, really thin." I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Eh...looks like me. I decided to order wings for dinner and make up for the lack of fat. I had a very healthy breakfast and lunch yesterday so why not splurge?

Then, I woke up this morning fully intending to have a healthy breakfast. Somehow, my conscience reminded me of the "really thin" comment and the car took me...on Shipley's Donuts. THREE donoughts later and I am not feeling so thin. Moral of the story? STOP telling me I look thin so I STOP eating so much crap! Help a lady out people...I am not 16 anymore.


  1. ENJOY the damn donuts girl!!! I wish people were telling me I looked "thin"...lucky ducky!

    Have a great day Kim!