Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Wish...

We are finally settling in to this new life...all three of us. We were at the mall the other day with some neighborhood friends and we were about to go eat pizza all together. In front of the pizza place is a huge pond. The kids were all running around the pond playing and laughing. They came up and asked my friend and me if they could have a penny to throw in. We handed each one a penny and told them to make a wish. Lily tugged on my elbow so I leaned down to hear what she had to say. She said, "Mommy, I am not going to wish for a cure this time since I love my pump so much...I actually kinda like diabetes now." I gave her a hug and told her I thought that was great and wish for something special!

I didn't know whether to cry that she even thinks of that or to drop to my knees and thank GOD that she is back to such a positive place. It has been a long road for Lily to come to terms with her disease this year. It has been so hard on her. But I am so proud that she is such a strong, brave little girl and that she is capable of allowing herself to have the feelings she has and deal with them in HER way. She is truly the most amazing little being. Just amazing.

On a side note, I heard today that a lot of organizations have a "Sib Group." A group for siblings of the child with the chronic disease. Wow...what a great idea!! My wheel's are turning now...


  1. Love reading this Kim...she sure has been on a journey and I like that she (and you) have shared it so openly. It lets us know we are not alone when we face some difficult times facing emotions and "D". xo

  2. Way to go Lily! She is very strong & very brave. I'm pretty sure she learned that from you. BTW, love the new Meal Mommy look!

  3. YAY! Wish for something new, sweet child. Wish for the moon, instead.

    Glad the pump transition is smoothing out a bit :)

  4. This made me laugh and cry at the same time! Lily is such a sweet girl! Austin brings up his future lime green pump every day, wanting one so bad. Even Matthew wants one, not sure yet what to do about that! Looks like the soonest we will get one is November. So happy to hear Lily is doing so well :)