Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Exciting week...

A few very cool things went on this week. One, I got to be on the Parents magazine website for a nomination for the Best All Around blog for moms. Just to be on their site is pretty darn cool...it's very hard to vote because they make you register but if you feel like voting, there is a big pink button to the right of this post. There are several blogs that raise awareness for type 1 diabetes, which is something my family lives with 24/7, so I am really hoping one of them wins!

Also, there is a site that I have been lurking on for a while called www.topmommyblogs.com I finally got the balls this week to fill out the request to be on their site. It is not something where you can just register your blog...there is criteria involved and someone actually takes a few days to scroll through your blog and make sure you are a fit. I got an email tonight that Meal Mommy was accepted!! I absolutely love to write and it's so fun for me to do this blog so this really meant a lot! So, this one is super easy to vote for since you don't have to register (and there are tons of cool blogs there!). You click on the button to the left and that's it! You have voted! I would certainly appreciate any votes you can swing my way over there too! It's not a competition, it's how you get featured.

Thirdly...and I am about to sound like a groupie, because I am...but my favorite blogger EVER read my blog and commented. I am still sitting on cloud 9 over here.

The last and NOT least very exciting thing is that Abby met her Kindergarten teacher today. My baby is going to Kindergarten. I am sure I will be posting Monday through many tears and wine. We also had the opportunity to meet the nurse for Lily and she was AMAZING. So, I am feeling a bit better about the transition to a new school with D in the mix.

Thanks for all of your support!


  1. That's awesome!!! Voting for you now :)

    I wanna apply! Lol

    Who's your fav blogger???

    Love you! So happy to see you happy!

  2. Hooray for wine!!

    It's great that we can vote for more than one blog and support all of our d-friends.

  3. Thanks ladies! And yes, Leighann...I voted for all D sites! I am hoping it brings more awareness...

    Lex...GO APPLY!!!! You ABSOLUTELY should!

  4. Oh...and www.thebloggess.com is my favorite blog. It's not a D blog so it's my one little outlet! :)

  5. I wrote a review on your Top Mommy Blogs, but I couldn't figure out how to vote. I also voted for the D sites! In honor of Lily & her gorgeous mommy. xoxo