Tuesday, August 23, 2011


 Funniest thing happened today and I had to share...

I took Lily to the eye doctor (thankfully up the road just a bit) since she was complaining of headaches sometimes when she reads. I have been attempting to do this for a month but can't find the time so tonight was it. I decided to get my eyes checked too since I get what I can only describe as "tired eyes" when I read my Kindle or am on my computer or phone (which is a lot).

So the doctor checked us both out and turns out, I need some sort of reading type glasses with a technology lens specifically for "tired eyes" or strain basically. Great...I was secretly a little excited since I found some really cool frames the other day while making appointments.

Well, dumb shit doctor dilated both of us. We were literally the blind leading the blind. I drove home cursing him that I was going to get a DUI...or a DWD (Driving While Dilated). I couldn't see my phone so I just kept pushing names that looked like my ex so I could tell him the outcome (sorry Dad). I was attempting to text people back as well...why I don't know because I couldn't see shit.

So, we get to the light by the house and I am going on and on about how I am going to get dinner ready when I can't see anything and I realized no one can read Lily's pump. Lily was dilated too. She is all in the back seat thinking it's the coolest thing ever with her fake sunglasses on. Given the day I have had, I was not thinking this was the coolest thing ever. Thank GOD for neighbors. We went to a friend's house and she administered the pump. I then got home to find a bottle of my favorite wine on my front step with a sweet card wishing me all better. The same friend that left the wine told me to watch myself cry in the mirror since it heightens the drama...still giggling over that!

This was just so ironic that I spent all night fuzzy eyed after I have spent months fuzzy eyed. I have to say that I although I am broken-hearted, the shame on you post was about believing in a relationship...and having it not be what I thought it was. I am not going to go into detail but it is not as it sounded...I still love him and we both have a rough road ahead of us and I am sad we won't be going down it together. My dad told me tonight that I have spent months worried and fretting over what was to become of us with a pending move and so many miles apart. He also pointed out that someone having to "give up everything" to move for someone else only leads to resentment. He is right.

And I have not unpacked my baggage. I have left it all wadded up in a corner. I need to see what this world is about on my own. I need to find my happiness again...my strength...right now sucks but it won't be so fuzzy forever.

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