Monday, August 15, 2011

The Layers...

I was thinking today about one of Matt's first visits to Houston. It was beautiful outside...nice and chilly. I think it was around Thanksgiving. We were getting ready to meet some of my friends out and I came out of the bedroom all gussied up. I had on my jeggings and knee high boots, a pretty cowl neck sweater, hair all done and make up all done. I was feeling super super sexy in a non-mommy way.

So, we have a great time and after lots of wine and good food, we come home. I start to get ready for bed and as I'm undressing...I noticed Matt just staring at me with a blank look on his face. I looked down at all of my layers. What was once the sexy, non-mommy outfit was not so much that anymore. Underneath that sweater was my Yummy Tummy tank to hold in the baby pouch. The jeggings are high-waisted and have an elastic waist to prevent, God willing, a muffin top. The bottom of the jeggings actually have stirrups so that my jeans stay in my boots. And I had on knee socks. The mommy outfit on crack. I looked at Matt and said something like, "It just gets sexier and sexier with each layer, doesn't it?"

Gone were the moments of matching lingerie. This was the real me, trying to capture my youth (or at least my youth's non mommy body). I made more of an effort after that day to try to look on the outside of my clothes like I do underneath my clothes. Matt loves me for more than my looks. He knows I am not perfect. He knows there are flaws, and rolls, and dimples, and whatever else living has done to me. Men are more okay with our bodies than we are. They have peeled away the layers much before we have and seen what is actually underneath... true beauty.


  1. I love your blog, and this post! So true, we are so hard on ourselves!

  2. Love it! We all have our mommy gear to hide the trauma of carrying & breastfeeding. ;)

  3. "The mommy outfit on crack" made me choke on my coffee. :)

    For the record: You are GORGEOUS.

  4. I love this! And YOU are gorgeous is right!