Friday, May 6, 2011

My Soap Box Rant...

This is going to be brief because I am starting a new day in my life. I am going to run upstairs, hop on my treadmill, suffer through a run, and then go continue my job search...all in time to hopefully make my daughters' school picnic if the cable guy shows up. it is. There has been a lot of nasty stuff going back and forth on blogs, Facebook, forums, etc. I was personally privy to some attacks on a forum a couple of months ago. We are adults people...we are entitled to our own opinions. BUT...we are also responsible for choosing our words carefully and realizing that this is a public place so it is not wise to use your own opinion to counsel others on how to treat their child's diabetes. That is not safe nor is it fair to a newly diagnosed family. They are overwhelmed, cautious, and searching for anything to make diabetes seem as NORMAL as their lives were before. Is it a good idea to constantly discuss the negative side of diabetes? IN MY it is not. Is every child going to have complications? No. Is every family going to "hover?" No. Are some? Yes. And that is their personal choice.

The truth is...diabetes is a disease. It does not go away. You can't downplay diabetes. It is your child's LIFE. You also simply CANNOT judge the way someone else treats diabetes in their home. Every child is different. Foods affect every child differently. Exercise affects them differently. The temperature outside effects them differently. I could go on and on. Until one has literally stepped inside of another's body and lived their life for a long period of have NO RIGHT to judge. At all. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. It's not nice. Plain and simple.

It is also not nice to attack anyone for their opinion. Words get misconstrued. Ideas don't always come across the way they were meant. I personally want to reserve these times to ask that person to simply do a re-write and maybe better explain what the thought process was. Correct a mistake if one was made.

So, that's it for me. Off the box...outside the box...whatever.


  1. Preach sista!!! I heart you Kim!

  2. Crazy how social media has created such an amazing support network -- but it can be brutal at times. I guess I just feel that you're entitled to write whatever opinion you want on YOUR blog -- in YOUR home....if you want to write every single negative thing that D has every brought into your life, so be it. People can choose to read it -- or not.

    BUT if you're going to go advertising yourself as a top dog advocate, flaunt your successes, and act as if you should be crowned "The Voice" because you've already been there/done that...then decide to put your opinions out on a high profile blog and insinuate that other parents are no likey. You want the heat -- take it.

    Otherwise stick to your little corner of the Blogsphere!

  3. Love it Wendy!! Agreed 110%!!! That shouldn't have been published really on such a high profile site. IMO.

    I heart you too Lexi!

  4. Thanks Kim, very well-said! I'm new to this "mom of a Type 1" world and have already encountered this, so I can only imagine how much I will in the next many, many years! Its a great reminder though and I'm glad you put it out there, I want EVERYONE to read it and live it!

  5. Ahhh, can someone clue me in on what is going on? All I keep seeing is this drama! Can someone point me to this high-profile site...I guess I've been too busy to poke around this week. :)

    That said...preach it, sista! ((hugs)) and best of luck to you on the job search!

  6. Ah, I just read the post on Diabetes Mine.... wonder if that is what you are referring to. My comments were too heated to post, I guess, because the moderator did not post them. I think, simply, that the parents who sleep through the night do so because they safely CAN; that their child's blood sugars are more stable during that time period. We have a stable time period as well; it's 10am to 3pm; and less BS checks are done at this time. For one of those parents who for years have been able to sleep through the night because their child does not go low overnight to question or advise a parent whose child's blood sugars have been labile and volatile over night is dangerous and irresponsible. Those of us who do test overnight have recently tested fasting basals EVERY night, and surely, we have the intelligence to determine if it is safe for us to stop night time testing. In five plus years, it has not been safe for us to do so. From childhood, through puberty to the early teen years, just too much variability and instability. First, trust your personal observation of your own child. Advice from your endo team would come next (but it should never trump personal observation and gut instinct). But trust a Mom, who is promulgating old-fashioned, old-school D management techniques who has never even MET your child? Laying guilt trips on those who are trying to keep their child safe? Thanks, but no thanks. And, yes, I know who she is. P.S. I would also have to disregard our endo's advice in order to follow this Mom's pronouncements.