Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Diabetes Overwhelmus...

I am pretty sure I have "Diabetes Overwhelmus" as they say at CWD FFL. I am on overload. I feel like screaming. I need a little break. Just a tiny one. I have done it to myself by reading so many blogs this past week. I logged on to Facebook this morning and noticed that every single person that shows up on my home screen is from diabetes...lots of organizations. I have like 3 different JDRF pages on there. So, I did a little clean up on the Facebook account. My friends were long gone.

I know you can't really take a break from the big D but I need to read some other information on my computer when I am browsing. I can't just look at diabetes related stuff anymore. So, I have been reading about the Arnold. Much more entertaining so thank you Arnold for your entertainment...although I am sure Maria is not so thankful.

I am really looking forward to my little trip to Scottsdale this weekend to see Matt. It's been almost a month since I have seen him and I am anxious to just lay by the  pool while he is golfing, etc. and read my Kindle. Escape sounds like just what the doctor ordered!


  1. Kimberly, you definitely need a little beak every now & then. That's normal! Ever hear of care giver burnout? I know that there is no real break from diabetes, but your weekend with your man sounds like a great little escape that is well deserved! Lily knows you love her & would (& have) walk through fire for her. You do it everyday, so I hope you have some guilt free relaxation!!!

  2. Thanks Amy! Should be a great weekend!!

  3. Thanks for shring. My 2 year old son was Dx on March 3. It has been hard. Your website was given tome by the Nurses where my son goes. Thanks for all your info and knowledge. Now how do I get over the fear of leaving my baby with a sitter for a much needed night out for our Anniversary??
    ps My name is Salina and not sure about this profile thing i have to select,lol

    ps My