Friday, May 13, 2011

D-Blog Week Day Three- Diabetes Blooper

Today is the day of bloopers!

The only blooper I can think of was drowning Dex. Several times. The third time was priceless though.

Lily drowned Dex by jumping in a pool on day 4 of getting it. Back to square one.

I drowned Dex after Lily left it in her pocket and it got washed. Well, we had a discussion about Dex and remembering to check all pockets, etc. About a week later, we were revisiting this discussion when I grabbed Lily's wash and dumped everything in the washing machine. At that precise moment, I realized I had not checked her pockets either. There, floating in the machine, was Dex...on the gentle cycle. Drowned. Again.

We have never put Dex back on.

I can't really think of any other bloopers that have happened. There have been the usual mishaps...changing Lily's pod and forgetting to take the old one off so she went to school double podding it. Forgetting to bolus. There was a time I forgot to give Lantus when she was first diagnosed.

Fortunately, nothing too severe has happened!


  1. OMG - I would die! 3X? Maybe it just wasn't meant to be - right?

    That really sounds like me and my phone!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Caleb walked into the pool with Dexie on once. We were able to revive it by immersing it in a bag of rice after a blow with a cool hair dryer.

  3. So long Dex...if only you were waterproof!

    I lost a camera once when it took a dive into a pool.

  4. Ha! To date...we have NOT drown Dexter. Watch, I'll be writing a post in a week linking to you...after we do him in. LOL.

  5. Rice saved an ipod touch that was washed this week. I can't imagine, three times in such a short period! SOOO frustrating!