Sunday, May 15, 2011

D-Blog Week Day Seven-Last Day: What I've Learned From The Doc...

Wow. Too much to write in a little blog about how much I have learned from the DOC. First, I have learned that there are many of us all over the world. I have made friends in so many other countries whose kids are diabetic. I feel like anywhere I go, someone will understand. Second, I have learned that every child really is very different and every parent is very different. We all have the same thing in common, keeping our children healthy, but we all go about it at different levels and in different ways.

I will forever be grateful to the PWD that are adults for giving me a glimpse of what Lily's life will be like as an adult. It has helped me heal tremendously to read about how NORMAL these people are and that they are doing all of the wonderful things that I hoped she would do. It's like proof that this disease won't consume her.

I have also learned about a ton of new products and research! I have gained a better understanding of this disease by reading all about other people's experiences. I really wouldn't have it any other way while fighting this battle. I have always had my local support by the way of close friends for me and for Lily. I have totally enjoyed making friends all over the world that share this journey with me as well!


  1. RIGHT BACK AT YOU SISTAH!!! I feel the same about it all. Grateful for everyone. And..I would be lost without the DOC.

  2. I could have written this post myself. Love the DOC! :)

  3. Glad to have found your blog through dblog week. Thank you so much for sharing your posts.

  4. Your daughter will definitely not be consumed by diabetes, and all those things you are doing now will guarantee that! Nice to "meet" you out here!