Monday, May 9, 2011

D-Blog Week Day One- Admiring Our Differences

Today is the first day of D-Blog Week and I am so excited to be participating! Karen at Bitter-Sweet started this last year and this is my first year participating! Each day for the next seven days is a new topic on diabetes! To find out more about D-Blog Week and look at the topics, click here.

I wrote a blog last week about My Soap Box Rant so that pretty much covered how I feel about the importance of us D moms and PWD's supporting each other. I just wish everyone could act like a grown up and get along. We are all in this fight together. We are all after the same thing...a better life for our children or ourselves while we wait and pray for a cure!

Now, there are all different types of blogs out there on diabetes. I wasn't introduced to the mommy blogs that I have grown to love so much until two years after Lily was diagnosed. The first blog I started reading was Six Until Me. Kerri has had diabetes since she was 6 years old. As the parent of a little girl, her future has always weighed heavy on mind.

How will Lily feel about diabetes?
Will she be a well-adjusted teen?
How will she hide her pump at prom and her wedding?
Will she have a healthy pregnancy?
Will she drink (still freak about this one)?
How will she feel checking her blood sugar on dates?

These are things that run through my head. And how will I prepare her for these things so that she feels comfortable enough within herself to do them? That is the big question as her mommy. Finding Kerri's blog and reading her experiences with all of these things gave me some insight as to how Lily feels and will feel as a PWD when she is a grown up. It is certainly different than what we are going through but as time goes on, it will be the same.

When I went to CWD last year, I was able to meet Kerri and it was like meeting a rock star. She was just as warm and bubbly in person as she is in her writing. I also met Amy at DiabetesMine and Scott from Scott's Diabetes and Lee Ann from the Butter Compartment. And so began my journey into finding other blogs and starting my own. I never realized how fulfilling it would be.


  1. I'm so glad to have "met" you too, Kim! I agree - we all need to get along and respect one another. We are all in this together.

  2. Now I'm singing the disney song "were all in this together" (High School Musical, I think) WEIRD!!!

  3. They are as inspiring in real life as they are on their blogs!

    I so is very fulfilling!

  4. You are so lovely, Kim, and it was an honor to meet you. Thank you for the shout-out! Will you be at FFL this summer? :)

  5. Thanks, Kerri! No...not this year. I hope to go next summer but couldn't swing it this summer!!!

  6. This is one great community that truly supports one another. I don't know what I would do without the DOC!

  7. I would be lost without the DOC. SUM was my 1st D blog to read as well - - - thank goodness we all found each other!!

  8. Reading the PWD blogs gives me insight about how to prepare Ally for her future too. Enjoying all the love in the DOC today!