Friday, February 18, 2011

The Surprise....

I took Matt to the airport yesterday after a wonderful, peaceful, fun-filled week together. The longest time we have spent together. We took the girls for ice cream and then drove to the airport. When we pulled up, I felt that lump in my throat. I was surprised that I was this upset at the thought of him leaving. I got out, opened the trunk for him and the second he hugged me, the tears started. Out of nowhere they came. The girls were in the car and after the last time they saw me cry...I had to pull it together. We said our goodbyes tearfully and I got back in the drivers seat once I had my shit together. I pulled away from the airport watching Matt watching me from the rear view mirror. I felt so empty at that moment.

We got stuck in traffic on the freeway for 45 minutes. The girls were getting more and more wild in the backseat...first playing and then fighting and then playing and then fighting. My phone rang and it was Matt. He was offered a $350 voucher to get bumped from his flight until the next morning. I cut across five lanes of traffic and did a U turn! One more night with my love!!

The girls were so excited too since they hadn't had much time to play with Matt. He wraps Lily up like a burrito in a blanket so this was all she would talk about. Abby is taking her time warming up to him. She talks to him, plays with him, etc. but is not ready for any hugs or even for him to tuck her in.

We took the girls to 59 Diner for a quick dinner and home to play a bit. It was such a nice little bonus surprise ending to a perfect week!

Also last night, I got word that I got a house I wanted in the burbs! I am so excited. We spent all of Sunday house hunting and I landed on this house. It's perfect for us. Fingers crossed that the inspections go well and we will be moving in April. Wow! Things are happening so fast! The girls are beside themselves with excitement. They want to live in this burb really bad. Lily has been writing in her journal about it at school! I am so happy to give them this childhood I know they will love!

So now, I am sitting in the airport feeling the voids...Matt is on a plane headed back to AZ, the girls are at school and with their daddy all weekend. Although I am really looking forward to a weekend in Florida for my dad's and stepmom's birthday shindig with my sister, I am already missing my family! Man, I definitely can't wait to throw on the bathing suit and bask in the sun all day tomorrow though! Damn, life is is grand! 


  1. an extra night - so special. home you get to be together more

  2. Thanks Angela!! Me too!!!! AND...we were up all night checking little Lilyboo who had VERY high numbers. Never a dull moment!

  3. Wow. Fast is an understatement! Good luck.

  4. I remember the days when my hubby and I were dating and he would fly in town for a weekend...we took EVERY single opportunity to give up a seat and have some "bonus time"! We earned a lot of free flights that way too :) Good luck to you!