Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Cold...

The girls the last time it snowed in H-town!

I awoke this morning to Abby running through the house screaming because the house alarm was beeping. She was screaming, "MOMMY! Lily's Pod is going crazy!!!" I said, "That's the alarm Abby. Lily doesn't wear her pod anymore, remember?" to which she replied, "Oh." Only in the house of a diabetic!

The power had gone out. Monday, I was running around in running shorts and a tee shirt all day. It was 70 degrees. By yesterday afternoon, I was wishing I had brought our coats with us to play. It was getting really, really cold. This morning, the power went out at 6 AM...which means no heat...and it was 20 Houston. WTF? So, the five of us huddled together (the dogs included) to stay warm. At 7 AM, the power came back on. I took a very cold shower since it was 60 degrees in the house. At 7:30, no power. Again. I had half my head curled, no coffee yet, the iron wasn't hot yet, no lunches made, etc, etc, etc. We ended up getting to school an hour late and I was 30 minutes late to work. Not. Fun. At. All.

Now, I grew up just outside of DC and it was COLD. I don't think I ever really got used to that since every winter my fingers and toes stayed a weird shade of blue and I had no circulation in them. I busted my ass at least once a year on ice in the high school parking lot and couldn't feel snot running down my face since it was numb. Prior to DC, I was the southern girl I still am, living in Alabama. And now that I have been a Texan (yee haw) for 20 years...I really don't like the cold. I would much prefer to be drenched in sweat wearing a tank, shorts and flipflops than bundled up under 500 layers of clothing and still frigging cold. I love to lay in the sun and feel the sun tingling (and frying) my skin. On a side note, now that I am aging gracefully, I wear a huge floppy hat and 70+ sunscreen.

The weather man says it is going to snow tomorrow night possibly and leave six inches of snow by a city that doesn't snow. Everyone is freaking out. Houston is not prepared for snow. The city will be in mayhem. It is in mayhem when it rains...or God forbid, hails. People forget how to drive, everyone is frantic, it's a mess. Centerpoint Energy has already started doing rolling blackouts all day (hence, the electricity issues this AM). There is no storm and no threat of loss of power today...I don't get it but oh well.

Now, when it is this cold Lily's numbers are low. Apparently her body works harder to keep her warm so she tends to go lower. I don't believe anyone with an MD behind their name told me that but it sounds reasonable. I mean, the clouds move at a faster pace and it affects her numbers so why the hell not? Tonight should be interesting for their dad since she's with him. I get the snow day!!!


  1. I grew up just outside of DC too!!!! Southern MD (Charles County)...where are you from?????

    It's bitter cold here today.

    Like 45 with high wind gusts -- very reminiscent of weather memories from my past!

  2. Hey Wendy! I Grew up in Reston, VA! So, we were close!!

  3. Joe runs low out in the cold too. We got a good 14 inches of snow today and he has been out shoveling, building snow forts, and ice skating...oy vey...UGH!!!!

  4. Hubby and I met at MURPHY'S IRISH PUB on King Street in Old Towne, Alexandria :) Anyway, Sugar was in the PICU at Inova Fairfax after her T1 dx. SMALL WORLD!