Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Little Things...

It's the little things in life that matter the most. It's not about the car you can afford...or the dress that you saw in the Nordstrom window...or the vacation that you have been DYING to go on. It's the little things. Plain and simple.

Yesterday afternoon was crazy. I had a huge meeting at work and it was my day to pick up the girls. Of course, the meeting was during the same time. Luckily, Matt is here and was able to get them for me and bring them to my office. Our meeting didn't quite go in the direction we were hoping for so I was bummed about that. Then, I looked up and saw a little redhead smiling at me with a huge, beautiful grin. Right behind this little redhead was a little brunette with her own little smile. A little smile that is shy and filled with love. Right behind this little brunette was a very tall, very sweet, very loving man with the biggest, bluest eyes looking right at mine and smiling from deep in his heart. This man was carrying a little pirate backpack full of diabetes supplies. He hadn't forgotten it in the car. How thoughtful.  I immediately felt less stress. I immediately felt joy pouring over me. It's the little things, like a smile from my loved ones that make me tick.

We took the girls to the Lego store to get a delayed birthday gift for Lily. Matt and Lily were like two peas in a pod running around this store. It was very cute. We took the girls to the Rainforest Cafe. Matt could sense my stress level rising a bit when we sat down and I plopped down all of our diabetes supplies on the table. I was repeatedly mumbling to myself about carb counts, why they don't have their nutrional information online, etc. He gently grabbed my hand and said, "Relax, baby." I was able to take a breath at that point. I didn't even realize I was stressed. It's such a part of my routine that I have adjusted to the way I tense up when doing her insulin calculations. It's the little things like the support I get from him when I am stressed and don't even realize it.

We got home shortly after, late, and I started bathtime and bedtime routines. The girls wanted to stay up late to play with Matt so I let them for a while. He laid on the floor and built lego cars with Lily while Abby played dolls and followed me around. Once I got them both in bed, I started laundry, cleaning up, etc. I finally plopped down on the couch and it wasn't until he grabbed my laptop, moved it to the table, pulled me close to him, and started rubbing my shoulders and telling me to unwind, that I was able to relax. I have never had someone take a moment for me like see if I am okay or relaxed. The world stopped spinning for those few moments and I almost burst into tears. It was so unbelievably loving and sweet and nice. Wow. I am still stunned. It's the little things.

This morning was as crazy as every other morning. I have yet to master getting myself ready for work and getting the kids ready for school. Matt made their breakfast and lunches so I could dry my hair and get dressed. He helped Lily with homework. He watched and helped with her diabetes routine and doing her shots, all without me asking for help once or him complaining once. I seriously could have married him in my bathroom, in my robe and slippers, chip clip in the half wet hair and all. AND on top of all of this...he grabbed me to steal hugs and kisses about 20 times. It's the little things.

On the way to school, I was talking to the girls about moving to the burbs. They were asking me about the schools again. I told them that I had no clue if they would ever go to the schools out there but I told them that there are 1000 kids in the elementary school alone. Lily's response was, "So there would be 1001 if I go there. 1002 if Abby does." It's the little things. That brought the biggest smile to my face. She's always thinking.

I don't ever want to lose perspective on the little things. Without those moments in time...I would feel nothing and have no pleasure in this existence of mine. I used to really want a newer home, a nicer car, certain clothes...all sorts of things that really don't matter to me at all in the grand scheme of things. It's okay to enjoy these things but they are no longer what I want or need...I have everything I want and need right now.


  1. So true, I couldn't have said it better myself! I truly enjoyed today's blog! It brought a smile to my face.

  2. Oh boy could I relate to the stress level (and mumbling carb counts to myself!) when eating out at a restaurant. I don't know why I get so tense about that situation...I know it will all be fine. Guess we just need someone to remind us sometimes :)