Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Session...

Valentine's Day is tomorrow but I got my very special present a couple of days early. I have never had a present quite like this. I didn't know what to expect. It is not something that I would normally do so it was definitely out of my comfort zone. But man, it was the most fun and sexy and flirty and beautiful I have ever felt.

Matt sent me an email a few weeks ago with a website for me to look at. His friend, Lindsey, is a photographer that specializes in boudoir photos (bedroom photos). He has a few girls he has known that had a session with Lindsey and said it was just amazing and they felt so special and beautiful after doing it. So, he asked if I would be okay if he got me a session with her for Valentine's Day. At first, I was a little apprehensive and once I looked at her photos, I was very excited! Lindsey now lives in Austin so she drove in on Saturday morning.

When she got here, she explained to me how the day would go. At her request, I had already had my make up done by a make up artist here in Houston that is also a friend, Ashley Montross. I had curled my hair and was all dolled up, ready to go. Lindsey kicked Matt out to fend for himself in Houston for the day. We took pictures for almost 3 hours in my home. That definitely made things very comfortable.

Lindsey had explained that I would be naked in front of her. Luckily, I am not modest at all so I was okay with this. I stripped down to the birthday suit and climbed up on my bed. She tucked sheets in all around me and just started snapping away. We laughed so much and had such a good time. I was able to laugh at myself and not take myself seriously so it was really comfortable and fun. And of course, Lindsey really knows how to get you in the groove of the shoot.

I had so much fun doing this! We came up with so many ideas (like writing a thank you note to Matt and taking that picture with me faded in the background) and we took one where I had written I Love Matt in the bathroom mirror in red lipstick. That one was really cute. She did some of me on the stairs in lingerie, some upstairs in the playroom with the girls little kitchen and stuff in the background. Hell, she even made me climb into my farmhouse kitchen sink with no clothes on (that was NOT fun, it was cold, but turned out cute).

I had no idea I had this in me! It was so uninhibited and real. Lindsey took a lot of editorial type shots as well. Matt had one request: a white men's shirt shot. You know the one, naked with a white man's dress shirt on, opened. These turned out really beautiful!

So, I decided to write about this amazing experience because it was a once in a lifetime thing for me. To do something that I wouldn't ordinarily step outside of my have a whole day focused on being a sexy woman and not just a It was really the best gift he could have given me.

Check Lindsey Ross out! Her business has gone through the roof and she is now traveling all over the world doing shoots! She is the best!!

Now, for the actual Valentine's Day I get a wonderful, romantic dinner with my love!!! Such a lucky girl!


  1. Lindsey is a fantastic photog! Love her style! Great photos, you are stunning!
    Ps, I'm you're newest follower :]

  2. Thanks Angel!! She is so great. I cannot even say enough about her. She made me feel so young and was truly an amazing experience! And thank you, Cindy. I encourage anyone to take a day like this without or with it being a gift. It was so amazing to feel like a real woman.

  3. Awwww, Kimberly, thank you! You were so amazing on Saturday! You rocked it and it was my pleasure to witness it! ;o)