Monday, November 29, 2010

Special Sib of a D-Kid day late...

Alexis and Sherry started Special Sib of a D-Kid Day and I think it's such a great idea to highlight the brothers and sisters of those PWD. Our special little sib is Abby. Abby is five and a red-headed, crazy, wild, fun-loving, little ball of energy!

Abby loves her big sister. She also loves to pester, annoy, disturb, and just plain irritate her no end. This MIGHT be her favorite hobby. She looks up to Lily as well. She thinks what Lily says is accurate 100% of the time. She listens to Lily when she is trying to figure out how to piece something together and she goes to Lily to ask for help with her letters and sounds. She is understanding and accepting that Lily hates all things related to girls. When they play together, she is happy to play ball or sword fighting or the Wii. She tries her hardest to impress Lily with her skills and knowledge.

Abby is not diabetic. She has asked many, many times when she will get her diabetes. She has asked more times if she can get her "pop too" (check her blood sugar...just a pop and squeeze). She sees the attention that Lily gets from diabetes and she says things that she hopes Lily will find reassuring when Lily is having a bad D day. She tries to stay quiet and let Lily "have her moment" when her blood sugar is really high and she is acting irrational. She also wants to treat herself to whatever goodie Lily is having for her low. I, of course, oblige.

Abby was barely 2 years old when Lily was diagnosed so she has never really known Lily to NOT have this disease. I was blessed with this little bundle of joy. All of her teachers, parents of friends, and family agree that Abby is the happiest child they have ever run across. She is also the most flexible. Abby has no problem transitioning if things go awry. She is not the child that loses it if Plan A fell through at the last second. She is the child that says "Oh well, what now?" I need this in my life. She balances us. You can always look at Abby and see those big brown eyes, little freckles, and HUGE dimples staring back at you. She is always smiling...unless of course she is sleep-deprived. Sleep deprivation strangely turns Abby into a red-headed devil...just ask my boyfriend who had the pleasure of spending an entire sleep-deprived weekend with my children! Haha!  I have NO idea where she gets that from...

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  1. LOL!! Awww... your girls are gorgeous! Loved your post. :)