Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Deposit...

I've been thinking all weekend about people in general. And how certain things make certain people very happy. Not everyone is the same. For some, it is affection. For others, it's compliments. Some people find their happiness through their work and some through their kids or spouse. Everyone is so different. We all tick in a different way.

I have had a wonderful weekend with my dad and stepmom here, the girls with me, my sister and niece, my boyfriend just being him, etc. It's been amazing. I kept thinking of how what makes me happy comes in little deposits. Like I have an account....and it needs to maintain a order to maintain this balance, deposits must be made. For me, those deposits come in the form of affection. Not just a physical affection, but an affection overall. So, every time there is a compliment or a sentiment, a deposit is made. It makes me feel just a little richer. Every time my kids grab my hand or bury their heads in my neck, a deposit is made. Every time my boyfriend calls me "baby," a deposit is made. This is what makes me rich...feeling loved and feeling special to those around me. And by them doing this, I want to make as many deposits in their banks as I can.

I have learned so much from feeling this way myself. It makes me want to really discover what it is for others that makes them feel richer. I want to be a part of their happiness. For Lily, I think acceptance is what she needs right now. For Abby, it's affection...she is just like me. For my boyfriend, it's patience and understanding. There is something different for everyone and I think it's important to find out what that is so that you can make a deposit for them.

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