Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Recent Grad...

I am a recruiter. I love what I do. Most of the time, I spend my day getting to know people, asking lots of questions and learning about their desires and dreams for their future. Sometimes, I come across the giant, ego-inflated asshole and it's funny to me that 99% of the time, they are someone with less than a year of experience under their belt, and feel very entitled to get things they don't yet deserve. So, after dealing with yet another cocky, young recent grad yesterday, I felt compelled to write an open letter to the recent grads out there:

Congratulations on getting your education. This is a huge life event for you and one to be very proud of. You have worked very hard and deserve all the things in the world. These things will come to you through more learning and more hard work. Let me remind you of a few things before you attempt to enter the workforce. I have spent my career finding people jobs that I hope they love. I have also spent my career working with the people that will hire you, or not, so here is my unsolicited advice... 

This degree means that you made a goal for yourself and you reached it. This does not make you an expert in this field; only time gives you that expertise. Having a college education makes you more desirable because it shows that you achieved something you set out to do. It shows that you have learned how to be a student and you survived. It shows that you cared enough about yourself and your aspirations to better your success rate. You have indeed given yourself a step up from a few. Congratulations on this accomplishment.

Now this is important, so listen up. You are not the only person ever to have gotten a degree. This does not put you at the top of the list for this potential employer. It means you met a requirement. This does not give you the right to have an inflated ego and think that you know more than the person interviewing you. This will certainly put you at the bottom of the list. A lot of recent grads are deemed unhirable by some companies because of this very reason. Be the surprise, change the way these employers think by NOT being this person.

You are not going to walk off of the stage and into a $100K a year job having never worked in a professional environment. Be ready to roll up your sleeves and get dirty. You are probably going to be doing some grunt work that first year. Open your mind to it, learn through it, look up to your manager...find a mentor. Be smart, not a smart ass. The best thing you can do for your career in the beginning is be open to learning, be honest, be ethical, and make yourself valuable to your employer. You SHOULD be creative, a team player, flexible, and ready to be molded. You SHOULD NOT be a know it all or feel as though you are entitled to something. You are entitled to nothing but the paycheck you EARN. 

By being young, energetic, and new you can bring a fresh approach to this potential employer. You have a lot to offer so don't screw it up by not being able to accept that you lack experience and have to work your way up...just like we all did. 

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