Monday, November 4, 2013


This is a post from 2011 but I wanted to share it again. It's one of my favorites. November is awareness month. Diabetes has been weighing on my mind a lot lately...lots of events in the past month with pump malfunctions, a few scares, the walk, etc. Being six years in, the pain of it all doesn't hit me as much as it used to, but when it does it feels like a fresh wound...not a new wound but one I am used to and with each time it is reopened, the wisdom I have now sometimes makes it worse. There are constant reminders. The fact that Lily can never get a break...ever...EVER. Well, that is heartbreaking for a mom to know.

I can only hope that all of my posts and all of the times that I have shared the symptoms might one day help someone.

Love to all!

From 2011:

Innocence is something that every child should have and hold on to for as long as possible. Innocence is what allows them to feel free of responsibility, and allows them to live in a creative world that they have created. A world full of dreams, hopes, fairy tales and adventure! I love to watch my girls as they engage in pretend play! They get lost in the world they have fantasized, much like I do when I find a really good book.

When I think of someone's heart, someone like mine, I think of a quilt. From the time I was little, until the age I am now, I have collected patches along the way. With each heartache, I have had to patch up that part of my heart. It still works the same, it just looks and feels a little different.And the patches hold. Some people have very few patches and others have enough to make a quilt. I think that each heartache you experience makes your quilt that more beautiful. It is hard to get through the tough times but they make us who we are. And how we get through those times determines, for me, whether or not your patch holds.

I wear a patch on my heart that has a huge blue circle on it, as does my daughter, her father and her sister. Pretty much anyone that loves her wears that same patch. I am sad that the kids lost a tiny bit of innocence with this patch but I know that it is going to be a part of their quilt later in life.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. I am hoping that each and every one of us that deals with this disease daily can at least educate a few individuals on what it is and what it is NOT. Lives can be saved just by knowing the risks, lives can be improved by knowing how to manage it properly, and lesson can be learned on how to cope.

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