Wednesday, November 6, 2013


My love comes in all forms. It hits me at the hardest of times and brings tears to my eyes at any given second.

It's so strong. It's so primal. It's the best and scariest and most vulnerable thing that I have ever experienced...motherhood.

My love for my children is amazing. It's different for each child. I feel differently in my heart when I look into each set of eyes. The hopes are different. The worries are different. The fears are different.

It's hard to balance it all. It's just so much sometimes. I feel guilty, a lot. I shouldn't but I do. Am I more focused on one and not enough on another? Am I harder on one and too soft on another? Am I scarring them for life somehow? Am I too strict? Am I not strict enough? Is there enough of me to go around? It's endless.

Children are God's greatest gift. There's no other explanation for the feelings that come with them when they enter your life. It's indescribable to someone who has never had them. It's impossible to think of someone hurting one that they have had.

I am so overwhelmed today with the love I have for them. My three precious little gifts. I strive to be the absolute best mommy to them that they can imagine. I see the love in their eyes when they look at me. I feel their love when, even at 10, my oldest grabs my hand in a parking lot. They want to "cuddle me" all the time. Please don't ever let that go away.

Just feeling very grateful today for what I have. My mark on this three little babies.

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