Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Aftermath

Your body is a car. That's what I tell my girls. They have to keep it in good shape and fill it with good fuel. You can see the metaphors here.

It's a vehicle that carries us through life.

It's what we were given. The only ones we were given. There are some things we can control, and some we cannot. We must take care of it always or we will have no way to navigate through this life...this wonderful, amazing life. What you put in is what determines how you run. I take pride in the fact that the girls want to look "athletic" and "healthy." They see people that make bad choices and ask questions. I answer the best I can. They have some insecurities about their bodies and it's natural. Lily thinks she is too short and Abby thinks she has big feet. "There are some things we cannot control and be thankful that you can date short and tall guys, and be thankful that stores will probably always have your size shoe," I say. I get eye rolling. I would expect nothing less.

I have got to get myself back to this simple thought. I used to eat pretty clean. I used to exercise a lot. I took good, good care of myself. Since I went back to work full time I have slacked in all areas. I have let it all go since getting pregnant in January 2012, and again in August  2012. I want to look healthy and athletic. Not perfect. I want to feel good all the time. I want that boost of energy.

I saw the ad the woman put on Facebook that said "What's Your Excuse?" and I didn't think she was a bully. I didn't think it was inappropriate. It made me THINK...STOP WITH THE EXCUSES!!! She looked beautiful.
She works hard to look like that both in the gym and in her kitchen. My excuses are valid. I have 3 beautiful children that morphed my tight little abs into a mush of jello. I work. I have issues getting to the gym in the morning mainly because of Henry or work stuff. BUT...I am making the choice to continue letting my workout be the thing that is always postponed. I make the choice to eat ice cream and burgers and fajitas and wings, regularly. I am on the cusp of stopping these choices. I am RIGHT THERE. So, I am putting myself out there so that I need to it...and I have the support I need to do it. The accountability.

There will always be an excuse: work, kids, diabetes kept me up, running late so I'll grab fast food. I need to get my ass in gear and there is no better day than Halloween.

Wish me luck!

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