Monday, April 4, 2011

This Mess...

Aaaaggghhh! My house. It is a half house right now. Tomorrow is moving day!!! This little family is beyond ourselves with excitement!! I am so looking forward to the new house, the new neighborhood, meeting new families...all of it. I am especially excited to start cooking again!! I even got new pots and pans. I love to cook and I love home-cooked meals so I am totally ready to get in my new kitchen...with my new appliances. It will be Heaven!

We woke up late this morning but I still wanted to get this out! I came in the kitchen to make toaster or plates. I went to grab cereal, no bowls or spoons. Then, I realized I can't make lunch either. No knives or baggies or anything. I can't wash the dirty sheets in the washer since I packed the detergent last night. I need to dig that out at the very least. We are pretty much disabled for the next few days!

So, I will write again once I have Internet this Friday!! Have a good week everyone!

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