Sunday, April 10, 2011


There is some sense to this madness! Yay!!! I actually got to cook on my new, so super cool gas stove tonight! I hate cooking on electric. Hate it. And the stove I got has 4 burners and one long burner for grilling, etc. I am going to make fish on it tomorrow night! I am back on my health kick after a month of the most gross food ever.

The move went really well. We had a few setbacks...the truck broke that morning...we had to make two trips...etc. Who knew I had so much stuff? Good Lord! The girls are very excited to be living here. We have already made a few friends on our street.

The nicest part so far? I found out that a girl on our street, just a few houses down, is also diabetic. She is a little older than Lily but is also doing shots. Her mother is apparently also single so I am sure we can really help each other out if needed...once we meet.

So, things are moving right along. I am almost unpacked. The granite will be installed tomorrow. I have a fridge and pantry full of healthy eats. If it weren't for the invasion of wolf spiders, all would be pretty damn good!


  1. EWWW on the spiders!


    WOOT on the other type 1 kiddo and mom down the street! SCORE.BIG.TIME.

    I hope things continue to go well Kim.

  2. So glad you're moved in and doing well!! And YAY for another T1! Well.... You know what I mean...

  3. Congratulations on moving into your new house! And it does sound like you moved to the right address, with another Type 1 Mom down the street. And single Mom, as well! You will be able to give and receive help there, I think. Wolf spiders? What are those??? Going to google. I'm sure you will get rid of those as fast as possible. Lots of good cooking is going to be going on in your new kitchen.