Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hope Day!

I was sitting at work yesterday at lunch and a coworker noticed I had drawn all over my hand with marker. He said, "So, are ya getting henna tattoos now or what?" Nope. Yesterday was declared Hope Day by the DOC. We have been hoping for a cure for Lily and all other type 1 diabetics since October 7, 2007. Everyone in our diabetes community drew the word "Hope" on their hands and then decorated it.

I had forgotten to tell Lily about this very special day that morning. It got lost in the chaos of getting ready for school! So, I emailed a picture of my hand to her teacher and asked her teacher to let Lily participate. About 10 minutes later, I got a picture of Lily's hand and she, too, had written "Hope."

I was so touched to get another text from her first grade teacher that said "Now they all have hope!" and attached was a picture of the hands of her whole class. I was flabbergasted and excited! All I could think about was that she must have felt so special by this act of support from her friends!

When I picked her up from school she wanted to see my hand. She told me about her class all drawing their hands and in Lily's quiet way, she did feel very special.


  1. Sounds like her teacher has the gift to make every student feel 'special' and to be sure that no one feel 'different.' That is a wonderful talent, and ensures that the children learn to value the ways in which we are all unique and to not to exclude because of differences in appearance, ability, or any other factor. I wish all teachers, and parents, had that ability.

  2. Just take a look at this :-) Wouldnt hurt checking it out

  3. One More: I figured you could verify this stuff

  4. WOW, what a special way to celebrate "HOPE" Day. So glad that Lily was supported by her teacher and classmates. She sounds like quite a gal Kimberly!

    P.S. We missed you!

  5. AMAZING! I got chills when I saw that picture of her classmates! And what a fantastic first grade teacher she has :)