Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Surprise in the Gum...

Not much new on our front today. Abby has been sick as a dog...puking, fever, cramps, tummyache, and overall whiny, crappy attitude.  Poor little thing feels like poop. She has done nothing but sleep.

So, I am at the doctor's office, second day in a row, with her this morning and they swabbed her for strep. Abby hates getting this done. She and Eric had been practicing what to say to the nurse and when the nurse walks in with the swabs, Abby says "Can you please be gentle?" It was so cute. Then came the time to test and she blurted out, "Can you just swab my cheek and not my throat?" I started laughing. Not a good idea. She started crying. Ugh. So, I  promised her a piece of gum if she cooperated. She thought long and hard and decided she could survive the strep test. So, I reached into my purse and pulled out a pack of gum...and an insulin pen needle was hiding in there. Only a d mom would find the humor in this! :)

We leave the doctor and get home to packed house (we move in two weeks) and there is nowhere for Abby to lay down since I sold our furniture and bought new furniture that isn't ready yet. Poor thing found a little spot to sleep off her fever. Mother of the Year Award has my name all over it! LOL!

Yes, that is a pen needle in my gum. 

 All cuddled up with her Piggy.

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