Monday, March 7, 2011

The Meal Mommy...

The Meal Mommy explained...

After Lily was diagnosed with diabetes in Oct. 2007 at the age of 3, I quickly discovered that the only thing about diabetes that I had some control over was what she put in her mouth. So, I dived into the nutrition side of things and really researched how food affects blood sugars. I did seminars on the Glycemic Index. I attended seminars. I read books. I started cooking healthier than I had before. I became an expert on carb counting. While doing all of this, I had a system in place. I would make a grocery list that was broken up into sections of the grocery store (I am slightly what): Produce, Refrigerated/Frozen, Shelved and Meat. This cut my time in the store in half and I never forgot anything!

So, I would sit down and plan out my meals for the week. I pulled all of the recipes I wanted and made the list. I then went through the fridge and pantry and added all other items I needed. Surprisingly, I totally cut down the cost of my bill and the amount of waste I had by doing this.

Once I started my Yahoo Group and starting talking to many other families living with type 1, I realized that one of the hardest things they were facing was what to feed their kids. Thus, Meal Mommy was born.

I started planning meals and sharing them on my website for the paying customers in the diabetes world. This was great for months but it was a ton of work and once I got divorced and went back to work full time, I could not keep up with all of the technical stuff. I still do the planning for my family and I use my own site to find recipes.

Now, Meal Mommy is back up and running but is a free service for anyone to use. There is an index of recipes that is broken down by the main ingredient or type of food. Each recipe has accurate carb counts and serving sizes. Each recipe has been tweaked to be healthy and easy to cook....and pretty decent on blood sugars!

So, check it out...and expect new recipes to keep coming in!


  1. WAIT... its considered OCD to divide your grocery list into sections? CRAP! And I thought I was acting normal :/