Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another Day...

UGH! I hate ducking fiabetes! I picked the girls up from school and took them for ice cream. We then drove out to my new house to show my sister and niece. We stopped for dinner on the way back and when I checked Lily...high 300's. I covered 30 grams for the damn ice cream. So, I corrected her and covered dinner. I also poked her too hard with the needle and got a bleeder. She was not happy with me. At all.

We got home and she was all mopey and grouchy. She started crying on the front porch because Abby looked at her. I knew something was up so I dragged her reluctantly into the kitchen to check her. 320. Had I not had another headache, I would have screamed. She had tons of insulin just an hour before! So, I gave her one unit and now I am sitting here staring at the clock waiting to check her again. So frustrating.

Meanwhile, Lily is wearing a pee pee alarm. Her number tends to get a bit higher at night at times, which results in excessive peeing...and she sleeps like a frigging rock so...she doesn't wake up. She is now 7 years old and should no longer be wearing a pull up to bed so we got her this nifty (freaking expensive) yellow alarm. She has been high the past three nights so has had an accident. Two nights ago, the alarm woke Abby and I up while Lily slept a puddle of pee. That is, until I woke her up.

The kid cannot catch a break!!! We are all up and down all night and playing musical beds. If I am tired, I am sure she is just exhausted!! Another day in the D, fun, fun!


  1. I was up all last night too - thankful it wasnt pee this time, or vomit. But continual hypo's are bad enuf. Hope things ease up for you!

  2. I hope everything settles for you soon!!! My older brother had enuresis until he was about 13. Nothing worked -- setting a strict routine, alarms, restricting fluids :( Once the fire dept. came and lifted his bed (with him asleep in it) to check the crawl space through the door in his bed room. Lights, sirens, barking dog, physically moving his bed...slept right through the whole thing! The docs said it was partially an emotions response to stress.

    But this was also 20+ years ago in a child who did NOT have D, so I have no idea if any of that info applies today!

  3. Hey, Joe is 7 (almost 8) and he is still wearing a pull-up. We take him to the BR at 10pm and try to get him to go pee. He sleeps like the DEAD. Some days he wakes-up dry...other days not-so-much.

    We are in the same boat. Hang in there. I am actually relieved when other parents come out about this. I was feeling a bit alone.

  4. I think you should just make it easier on yourself and Lilly and put on the darn pullups. It's only at night and no one needs to know. You can also use the alarm if you think it will help train her, with pullups on in case of emergency. A girl can only do so much laundry! And you are a single, working Mom, doing the BS checks all on your own. No catch up sleep possible during the day. Something has got to give. Make it as easy on yourself as you possibly can. She is still very young; I think she will eventually grow out of it.