Wednesday, September 21, 2011


 I am blessed...

With two beautiful little angels that never cease to amaze me.

With a gorgeous house to call my own, that I bought for myself and for my girls.

With a handful of very good, very loving, very supportive friends.

With an education that will get me far.

With good health for me and my kids (albeit one nasty little D)

With the capability of remaining positive even in hard times.

With confidence and strength.

With a family that loves me.

With a beautiful little furry shadow (Scooter).

And with a man by my side that loves me unconditionally and truly gets me.

Life has been good to me, even with the rough patches I have grown as a person and I have learned so much!

I am feeling hopeful and optimistic today and just very, very blessed with all of the wonderful things that life has offered me!

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