Friday, August 20, 2010

Drowning Dex Part Deux...

Our beloved Dex spent the last day and a half hanging out in a jar of rice. Why? Rice sucks the moisture out of things. This is why you see rice in salt containers at restaurants. When I called Dexcom the other day after our drowning incident, they suggested that we stick it in some rice for a few hours and see if it dries out. After the spin in the washing machine, Dex was not turning all. Well, yesterday morning, Dex turned on after a leisurely night in the rice! There was a pretty significant cloud in the background but it was on so I was hopeful.

I called Dexcom again and they agreed that things were looking up. They told me to leave it in the rice a bit longer so that the circuit board gets completely dried out (hence, the cloud) and that way it won't short out on us. So, Dex spent another night in the rice. This morning, Dex turned on with NO cloud! I now have it back in the rice just to make sure and am charging it again while it is in there. Fingers crossed multiple times!

The new sensors came in yesterday so we are going to hook Lily up again this afternoon after school and hopefully, Dex is fully recovered and do it's magic for us! This was a close call.

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