Thursday, July 7, 2011


It's PING DAY! Wahoooo....the Animas rep will be here at 5:30 today to give Lilyboo the week long trial. She is already begging for some Tallygear (thank you to the oh so beautiful and wonderful Lexi from Justice's Misbehaving Pancreas for turning me on to this). Lily is so excited. She thinks the Ping is "cool."

I am so thankful for Camp Rainbow, FLL, JDRF, fellow D Mama Bloggers, all of it for making this journey for us that much greater. I always wondered if camp would have any impact on Lily other than just being so much fun and wow...what an impact it had. The counselors, Junior League volunteers, ADA volunteers, medical staff and the campers all make it the best week of the year for our whole family! Not only does Lily not feel alone in this battle but neither does Abby or myself. It's such an amazing thing.

Next up on the Coan Diabetes Tour is the JDRF Walk October 29th. We get to dress up this year in our costumes!! Walk season is upon us so my wheel's are turning for fundraising ideas! I know I am stealing Reyna from Beta Buddies Virtual 5K idea so look out for that with our little twist. Eric is making a video again this year (he better any way since I have no clue how and he's the creative one). So many ideas and so little time to plan!

Update tomorrow on the PING! I am pinging off the walls and better get to work! :)


  1. AWESOME!!! Congrats! I know you and Lily will love the Ping. I've loved mine since the day I got it. It really is one of the best pumps!!! Can't wait to read your update! :-)

  2. YAY!! I heart the Ping :)
    Too Sweet Boutique has some awesome girly pump pouches too.

  3. Hooray! Hope it goes well today!

  4. My daughter Taylor (5)has the ping and we LOVE it! She also has the pink one :)
    We have had no "real" problems with it in the the 7 months since she got it. Best of luck!

  5. HEY! I'm just trying to catch myself up....and WOW!!!!

    Can't wait to hear all about how it goes...CONGRATS :)