Friday, July 15, 2011

Zombiesque Day...

I find myself in the form of a zombie lately. I was trying to talk to a director at work yesterday and the words felt as though they couldn't form. I couldn't pronounce the words correctly. I was mumbling and stumbling each letter off of my tongue. I don't think the director noticed. My mind is working pretty clearly. I am able to complete thoughts. There are just little parts of the machinery of my brain that don't seem to be quite in sync.

So, it dawned on me this morning, ironically at dawn, that I am so tired. Starting the pump is an awesome thing but it is also an exhausting thing! I had forgotten in a short six months how quickly not having Lantus on board can affect Lily's numbers. If she is without insulin for a time as small as 4 hours, her ketones are 3.7. So, last night, I changed her site. We had eaten Mexican food for dinner (bad idea) and she didn't want to finish what she ordered so she had bits and pieces of our plates (another bad idea for carb counting) chips. As a result of the above two was very hard to determine what the 338 BG was from at 10:00. Was it a bad site or bad carb counting?

This is where the love of the ketone monitor comes in. I can't believe more people don't use this as religiously was we do. The test strips are very expensive but that's small potatoes compared to how Lily feels when she has high ketones...and the aftermath of high numbers that follows. It is the only way for me to determine if her site is bad.

I checked her ketones, .2.  I sat in bed Skyping with Matt, trying to stay awake, while I waited for 11:15 to roll around so I could check her again. I finally was able to check and she was 396 with .1 ketones. At this point, I was pretty sure it wasn't the site so I gave her a unit of insulin and set the alarm for 1:30. At 1:30, she was low 200's. Phew. Then, of course, I was worried she was going to drop since she had so quickly already. I set the alarm for 3:30. She was 196. I stumbled back to bed only to find Abby had emerged and was asleep in there. I was too tired to carry her back up, so I snuggled up next to her and passed out until my alarm went off at 5:45. Ready to go to a full day of work. It was dawn...that I realized I am really freaking tired. Like seriously tired. And it makes me look old. And that makes me grumpy.

So off I go to work with bags under my eyes and a half working brain. Again. And Matt wonders what my obsession with coffee is...


  1. And yet you wont go to sleep before 11ish on the nights you have no kids...just saying.

  2. Baby...Matt (anonymous who had trouble logging in today)...I have to unwind. You know this.

  3. Yeah! The first few weeks on the pump suck! I know the feeling of not being able to talk clear english. Where my brain is 3 steps behind my tongue... not flattering! Coffee is one of my BFF's