Monday, June 27, 2011

Camp, Camp, and more Camp...

Here we are at Camp Rainbow again! This is just one of the best weeks of the year for us Coan girls! The girls were so friggin excited driving up here. We spent all day Sunday cleaning house, doing laundry, packing, playing with the dogs since they'd be with the doggy nanny for over a week (I go to AZ right after camp). When it was finally time to could hear squealing a block away. We loaded up the Tiguan and off we went for a loooonnnng 60 minute drive. :) Every five minutes, literally, was "are we almost there mommy?" I don't know HOW Eric and Byrony drove them for 8 hours....

We got checked in and immediately hit the pool followed by Mexican food. The whole crew went and it was a lot of kids. All are diabetic or the sibling of one so meters were everywhere, syringes, pumps, insulin, etc. All laid out on the table. Kids were checking Dex, pumps, etc. No one is in the minority here. They all have or live with diabetes every day of their lives. They all have a very special connection. They all have known each other for some time now and look so forward to seeing each other. And so do we...the pancreas managers, i.e...the moms.

We had margaritas and laughed and shared stories. We talk about diabetes and things that have nothing to do with it. But we can all understand each other's lingo. When we all go downstairs for coffee in the morning, a silent nod is all that is needed. We were all up several times that night. None of us slept. We all have that crystalized look first thing. There is no need to explain why we are having trouble finishing a sentence. Why our asses are dragging. Once we get to our spot (Denny's) coffee has been poured, last night's stories come out. Dex was off giving ???, the Mexican food caused major highs, one was 35, one of the moms was high, etc. There is such a special bond through a much-needed understanding of what we do daily. What our kids do. How this camp makes them feel. It is a time for advice, for sharing, for compassion, for friendship. For our kids and for us.

I don't know what I would do without these women in my life. Seriously.


  1. This seriously sounds amazing! Ally is going to diabetes camp for the first time this summer - without me! I like the idea of your camp where "pancreas managers" are included :)
    -Misty (not sure why blogger doesn't recognize me anymore!)

  2. D-camp AND margaritas? What more could you ask for?

  3. Misty...the camp is 9-3 daily so the mommies get a nice little vacay too!