Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Special Child...

To my middle child, my sweet Abigail Lauren,

My beautiful red head...

You are special. You are special in more ways than I can count. Your smile is contagious. The dimples on your cheeks run deep like the love in my heart when I see them come out. I can get lost in your freckles...and love seeing the new ones pop up every day.

You squeal with delight pretty much all day long. It is rare that you aren't doing something fun, or being someone fun. You are usually the brightest light in the room. People flock to you my little turtle. You have the gift of gab and you don't sit still pretty much ever. You're like mommy in that way.

I never want you to feel forgotten or left behind. I never want you to feel like you don't have a special place in your family. You are still my baby and always will be. You are my favorite red head. I love it when you caress my hair around my face the whole time you talk to me. This is your way of demanding 100% of my attention. You make sure I am looking you in the eye. It melts my heart...every time. You are strong and confident and want big things in life. Just please don't tell me again that you will "dance for money" in college. You made my heart stop. You have no idea what that means and I hope you never find out. I am not raising you that way.

You are so special to me and to everyone around you. You don't need to be the baby or have a disease to be special. I hope you know that. You are special, Abby, because you are YOU! And never ever change. Your spirit is a breath of fresh air.



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