Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dex is alive...

Dex is alive. It has survived the second drowning. I have not yet put it back on Lily though. The thing is, she keeps getting a horrible rash from it. I am beginning to wonder if Dex is doomed and I am not reading the signs??

First, Dex goes for a swim with Lily during her practice. Second, I drown Dex in the gentle cycle. Dex revives. Lily hates Dex and we go to therapy, we go to conferences, we go everywhere that will convince her Dex is good. Then, I drown Dex again. Dex takes a week hanging out in rice but is working. The whole time, Dex is causing a major skin reaction on her tushie. What am I to do with this damned Dex?

Now that I am here alone at night with her I really want Dex back. Maybe if I try a new spot she won't have a reaction. Lily still wears a pull up at night because when she goes high, she pees. It doesn't wake her even after she goes. So, I am wondering if Dex and urine are not mixing well and thus, the rash on the skin.

Never a dull moment in this world of diabetes.

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