Friday, September 3, 2010

The numbers...

I am shocked that Lily's numbers have not faltered through this separation/divorce. It baffles me. The child can have a tantrum and shoot all the way up to 400, quickly. Her mom and dad shake her whole world? Perfect numbers. Hmmm...I wonder if that is a sign of how stressed she was prior to this?

I watch her and pray that she doesn't think any of this has to do with her diabetes because it doesn't. Our problems started pre-marriage and just went from there. It is not about her. Or Abby. They are the best things in this world and the reason that Eric and I were meant to be together for the time we were! Diabetes adds stress to a marriage for sure but it certainly didn't cause the demise in mine!

The other part that has been somewhat tricky is figuring out how we are going to care for her separately. We have been working on a system with her logs and supplies that seems to be working so far. I am confident that everything will work out as it supposed to be. It has to for the girls.

We are off this weekend to the beach as a family...all four of us. We are going to a friend's beach house to relax, have fun, and enjoy a much-needed break. We promised the girls we are still a family and that's just not changing. So, I am looking forward to spending time all together! Happy Labor Day!

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  1. I just got your email and thought I would knock around on your site since I hadn't checked it out yet. I'm really sorry to hear about the curve ball life has thrown your way. I wish you peace, clarity and happiness and much success in your new KICK ASS job. Take care and best wishes, my friend. Robyn