About Lily

 Our lives were changed forever on October 7, 2007 when my oldest daughter, Lily, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  As a mother, it tore a hole through my heart to know that something was broken inside my baby and I couldn’t kiss it better.  The second she was diagnosed and the first few nights in the hospital were the hardest moments of my life.

Lily was not in DKA. She was not even sick at the time she was diagnosed. She had been tugging at her panties and I thought maybe she had a urinary tract infection. Turns out, something else was brewing in her tiny little frame. There was a war going on and her body was attacking itself. Lily was diabetic. That was not even part of my vocabulary. 

How could I be expected to stick a needle in my little girl while she screamed and cried in fear?  And not only once, but several times a day?  Were they insane?  Couldn’t they see what this would do to her?  I had no choice but to put on a brave face for Lily and be the best mother to her that I could be.  For me, that meant showing her that life was not over and that we would grab this beast by the horns and fight it daily.  This was our new life and it was going to be lived to the fullest.

It's been years and life is easier. Diabetes is a constant. I dream, think, and function in a state of numbers. Any mother of a diabetic understands that. I don't sleep much but I am used to it now. Lily wears the Animas Ping and a Dexcom CGM we call "Pixie."

Lily is a fun-loving, wise-cracking yet serious, mature, independent and sweet little girl that loves to play. She is very close to her crazy, red-headed little sister, Abby and her stepsister, Elise. Abby sometimes wishes she had diabetes so she could be just like her sister. I pray that doesn't happen...daily. Lily loves to take care of her little brother, Henry.