About Henry

Henry was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on July 25, 2015 at just 2 years old. We spent that morning running around getting ready for swim class. Henry drank two glasses of milk. This isn't totally out of the norm so I didn't think much about it.

We went to our class and he drank another cup of water while crossing the parking lot. An hour later, he drank two chocolate milks. He took a nap for an hour and woke up screaming for more milk. I gave him a cup...still not registering even though I know the signs...and he drank that in a minute flat and then asked me for water. At that point, my heart stopped. I knew. I just knew.

My mind raced back to the weeks prior and the few leaky diapers we had. He had more to drink during that time as well. Was I crazy? I checked his blood sugar and it just read "HI." I rushed out to get my husband and we checked again. "HI." I called a friend that also lives with this disease and raced to her house where we checked two more  times. Both times he was over 500. We rushed him to the ER and spent the next three days in the hospital letting it all sink in.

He will be insulin dependent for life. He will endure hundreds of thousands of needles throughout his life. He had just turned 2.

Henry is vivacious. He is a barrel of laughs. He learned all of his letters, could count to 20, and knew all of his colors by 18 months. He is strong and brave and will power through this. He is my hero.

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